The Grower’s Source @ Lift & Co Expo Toronto

Here’s What you Missed at The Grower’s Source by Biofloral & CANNA @ Lift & Co Expo.

We’re excited to announce that the Grower’s Source Booth at the Lift & Co. Expo hosted by Biofloral & CANNA was quite the success.

With many firsts on-site, our entire team of experts and partners were a hit on the showroom floor.

  • From the Secret Jardin greenhouse with Vortex installed inside to our Auto Pot layout, nanodome, and Giros shears laid out on the right hand side of the booth, the Grower’s Source was the place to be.

  • You could find Trimpro, Grozone Controls, QUEST, Solutions Vertes rolling benches and our newest transplanting technology Rapid Stack on the left hand side doing live demos.

  • CANNA and the Canadian team alongside their Dutch experts were on-site speaking with passionate and commercial growers alike making sure all their nutrient questions were answered.

  • You could also find our Lift & Co. Expo Contest Prizes and cutting-edge tech inside the booth. Both Ridegtop LED lighting and Method Seven eyewear were being showcased and highlighted during the 3 day exhibition.

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