Discover the Trimpro harvest products.


We facilitate your harvest process.

Trimpro is a leader in the harvest process for the last 15 years. We manufacture trimmers, bucker and presses out of Canada. Trimpro is known for its quality products over the years.

From our smaller units, the Unplugged and the Trimbox, along with our medium units, the Original, the Rotor and the Automatik, to our larger ones, the Rotor XL and the Automatik XL, and our newest addition TRIM DRY, our family of plant trimmers will help all size of growers reduce their trimming time.

The Trimpro Bucker has been designed to facilitate the ‘bucking’ process being the removal of the flowers from the stem. Simple, fun and safe to use, it will cut your bucking time by at least 50%.


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Booth #A9-A11

Place Bonaventure, Montreal

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