The Grower’s Source hosted by Biofloral & CANNA is the ultimate Lift & Co stop for commercial growers, stores, and LPs.

Inside the Grower’s Source:
  • Biofloral consultants and their brand partner experts from around the globe.
  • Talk to our team about your  growing needs and learn about the latest solutions
  • Discover new brands, product lines and technologies
  • Experience live demos and complete equipment setups from partners such as Canna, our co-host, and other loyal brand partners.
  • Test out ergonomic pruning shears, see the legendary Trimpro trimmer and other industry leaders.
  • Experience exciting new products and meet our top-rated brand partners!

Biofloral—The Leading Canadian Wholesaler for Commercial Growers and Retailers

I am a commercial grower or a store

We would really like to meet with you, and since it’s going to be a crowded event, we’re inviting you to secure a time-slot with us in advance.

Receive a special Biofloral gift package for attending a private session with one of our experts.

Inside The Grower’s Source

Booth #721/727

Rapid Stack @ Lift&Co Toronto 2019

Making the Impossible a Thing of the Past. Simple, Clean, and Quick Transplanting is HERE!

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CANNA @ Lift&Co Toronto 2019

CANNA’s dedicated Canadian team of passionate growers has landed and is coming to Lift & Co. Toronto to help you cultivate beautiful buds in record time. While visiting booth #721/727 you’ll be free to discover the difference CANNA products make as you view our root system installation, enjoy a sweet treat, or just hang back and chat with our team.

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Trimpro @ Lift&Co Toronto 2019

Discover the Trimpro harvest products. Leaders in the harvest process for the last 15 years, we manufacture trimmers, buckers and presses out of Canada. Come see how we can facilitate your harvest process!

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QUEST @ Lift&Co Toronto 2019

QUEST weighs in and brings us an even bigger energy efficient model!
Come meet our experts to see how you can MASTER YOUR ENVIRONMENT AND MAXIMIZE YOUR SUCCESS with QUEST.

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Giros @ Lift&Co Toronto 2019

Experience GIRO’S Bulk Titanium LP-Edition, uniquely tailored to the industry. Let us know which blade you prefer for a chance to win a full set on-site at Lift & Co. Expo Toronto.

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P.L. Light Systems @ Lift&Co Toronto 2019

Don’t Miss the Leading Manufacturer of Innovative Horticultural Lighting Systems or the Chance to WIN a P.L. Systems iQ Controller and two control-enabled NXT-LP retail kits!

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Autopot @ Lift&Co Toronto 2019

NO POWER, NO PUMPS, NO PROBLEM! Come Experience Growing Made Easy at Booth #721/727 @ Lift & Co. Expo Toronto!

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Method Seven @ Lift&Co Toronto 2019

Experience Pioneering Design that HELPs PROTECT YOUR EYES so You Don’t Grow Blind

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GROZONE @ Lift&Co Toronto 2019

GROZONE CONTROL has provided quality controllers to the industry since 2007, and this June we’re bringing our newest product to the Grower’s Source booth. DON’T MISS the SLS24!

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Thymox @ Lift&Co Toronto 2019

Outsmart dirt, set new standards.
Specifically designed for the greenhouse industry, this concentrate cleaner insures the highest quality standards for your production.

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SOLUTIONSVERTES.CA @ Lift&Co Toronto 2019

SOLUTIONS VERTES rolling benches are adjustable, rust free and made in Canada so come by and experience them for yourself.

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SECRET JARDIN @ Lift&Co Toronto 2019

Experience the sealed grow room for small cultivation businesses and LPs. Come and Join us for the Lift Expo and talk with our experts regarding your growing space plans.

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Booth #721 and 727

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