Method Seven @ Lift & Co Expo Vancouver 2020

Experience Pioneering Design that HELPs PROTECT YOUR EYES so You Don’t Grow Blind

Method Seven’s newest division is M7 safety. This division has developed glasses which meet and exceed CSA criteria 


Join us at the Grower’s Source for an HPS light vs Method Seven demo with our newly licensed protective lenses for cannabis growers.

When it comes to grow room glasses Method Seven stands alone in terms of quality, clarity, comfort, colour balance, and safety. Method Seven invented colour balancing grow room glasses almost 10 years ago. We are proud to be the originators and innovators. What started as a tool for hobbyists in their basement has turned into a full fledged ‘must have’ for the entire staff within LP’s all across Canada. 

Method Seven is first and foremost a lens company. We put an immense amount of work into building the perfect lens which allows the eyes to relax when working under high intensity lighting. This allows staff to properly do their job for long hours and maximizes them to be the best growers they can be. 

I am a commercial grower or a store and would like to secure time with your specialists

Find us @ Lift & Co Expo!

Booth #308-309

Vancouver, BC


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