Rapid Stack @ Lift & Co Toronto 2019

Making the Impossible a Thing of the Past. Simple, Clean, and Quick Transplanting is HERE!

Are you a grower? If so I bet you’ve had some experience transplanting.

Transplanting multiple plants can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Not to mention very messy and potentially plant damaging.

Rapid Stack can help with that. Rapid stack is a new design of grow pot with an optional removable base, that will save you time, a mess and zero plant stress when it’s time to transplant.

This new patent pending design is able to make transplanting any plant from 1 – 1000+ simple, clean and quick.

When your plant out grows its current container simply pull the tab that releases the bottom of the pot. Thus, exposing the roots without getting your hands dirty. The pot can simply be placed atop a same size or larger ready grow pot for instant transplanting! Just don’t forget to water it!

Come meet the inventor of Rapid Stack at the Grower’s Source Booth June 7-9th!

Old School vs Rapid Stack

I am a commercial grower or a store and would like to secure time with your specialists

Find us at @ LIFT & Co Toronto !

Booth #721 and 727

Toronto Metro Convention Center on June 7-9, 2019

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