Giros @ Lift & Co Toronto 2019

See the difference GIRO’S Bulk Titanium LP-Edition shears can make.

Backed with Quality-Assurance attestations and contaminant-free analytics, discover this distinctive offer for your hand-manicure trimming needs and staff.

Since 2004, GIRO’S trimming shears and pruners have been synonymous in the industry to ergonomic design and comfort, enabling superior handling and performance, all packed into a reliable, solid quality product at affordable prices.

GIRO’S Bulk Titanium LP-Edition—uniquely tailored to the industry.

With the recent availability of its unique Bulk Titanium LP-Edition, GIRO’S further establishes its commitment to answering needs of the Licensed-Producer. This distinctive Bonzai scissor + Straight & Curved blade Precision Trimmer offer provides the best instruments for the task, all at an unbeatable value pricing.

A limited-time Lift & Co. Expo Special offer is on for this LP-Edition, so make sure to check it out. Get a ‘sneak-peek’ into GIRO’S upcoming, exclusively patented new line extension features.

Ergonomics is about to undergo a Revolution!

Also, make sure also to inquire on the Quality Assurance TechInfo Sheet, your declaration and confirmation from GIRO’S towards compliance with Health Canada’s regulatory guidance for contaminant-free use of processing or handling tools and instruments. GIRO’S only uses top-quality, virgin (non-recycled) materials in the manufacturing of all its products. Analytical Specifications are available as further documented substantiation to your Quality System.

This year’s Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo is also your best time to take opportunity for a Show Special!

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Make sure to ask about GIRO’S exceptional promotion special on the Bulk Titanium LP-Edition, but also some other tools that can be of interest to your growing and harvesting operations. Also make sure to drop-in to discuss the upcoming GIRO’S line extension. With increased concerns in the industry on tendonitis conditions and objectives of minimizing repeated movement drawbacks to your hand-manicuring staff, GIRO’S improved and exclusive ergonomic design/patented features are sure to be contributions that will please your operators.

The best is about to even get better! GIRO’S also firmly believes that trying is adopting.

And since at the very least ‘trying is believing’, talk to us about your
distributor’s Trial Sampling program.

So, in order to let you partake in that belief, we sincerely invite you to discuss with your regional GIRO’S distributor the opportunity of a trial sampling. There’s nothing like putting GIRO’S to the test to make-up your own mind on the superb value of our products.

Welcome to the GIRO’S class of precision tools!

I am a commercial grower or a store and would like to secure time with your specialists

Find us @ LIFT & Co Toronto !

Booth #721 & #727

Toronto Metro Convention Center on June 7-9, 2019 

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